Corner. One piece leathers. ‘Futura’. UK 46


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Race cut.
Removable armour.
Elasticated leather panels at neck, shoulder backs to torso sides, base of back and knee tops.
Stretch material at inner arms to arm pits and crotch to inner thigh to knee backs to calves.
Knee slider Velcro. Please note this is reverse fitting. See below.
Cuffs have zip and Velcro fastening.
Supplied with original Corner knee sliders and a pair of brand new Dainese knee sliders.
Opti zips.
Sizing tag inside suit, 56

Good quality suit.
Corner are an Italian brand.
Good condition.
This suit was worn just once for around two hours on track. The original had an on track fall and damaged the right shoulder. Scrubbers have repaired the damaged area.
The Velcro fitted to the knee is the ‘hook’: the hard side. The reverse of the majority of suits. As such the suit requires ‘reverse Velcro’ knee sliders. These are readily available.
This suit is supplied with the original sliders and a pair of brand new reverse Velcro Dainese sliders.
On purchase by us the suit was void of armour. Scrubbers have supplied armour to shoulders, elbows and knees,shins.
Classic style.
Grade C
Approximate measurements of this actual Corner suit, A-62, C-44, D-38, E-20, F-15, G-30, H-24
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