Dainese. One piece leathers. ‘Flanker’. ‘Rizla Suzuki’. UK 44


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Pure race cut.
Removable upper body armour. Fitted at knees and shins.
Removable liner.
One inner pocket.
Perforated leather panels on front of suit.
Elasticated leather panels at torso sides to shoulder backs and base of back. Top and sides of knees.
Keprotec at armpits to inner arms, groin to inner thigh to knee backs to calves.
Expandable calf zip to accomadate ‘in or out’ boots.
Aerodydnamic rear hump.
Opti zips.
Sizing tag inside suit, 54.

Absolute top quality race suit.
Light damage from a very low speed crash. Fully repaired by Scrubbers. Main areas damaged were right arm and inner knee. A few light scuffs around the suit. The suit is 100% repaired and structurally sound.
Main zip pull replaced.
Rear hump is signed by Bruce Ansty.
In our opinion one of the best suits ever made by Dainese.
Grade D
Approximate measurements of this actual Dainese suit, A-65, C-42, D-39, E-21, F-14, G-31, H-22
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